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Free State Bavaria’s 100th Anniversary!

This year it’s Free State Bavaria’s 100th anniversary! Happy Birthday Bavaria! :-) For this Event we went up shooting with Amplid Founder and Snowboard Legend Peter Bauer in his homespot Spitzingsee deep down in Bavaria’s Alps! 

Here’s a few behind the scenes shots…check my gallery for the final images!

PORSCHE campaign with RB Leipzig

The PORSCHE campaign we shot with RB Leipzig is out now. It was fun to meet up with Yussuf Poulsen, Bernardo Fernandes da Silva Junior and Marvin Compper once again! After shooting with RB Leipzig every year since 2013 now, it feels kinda familiar to work with them! ;-)

Testing the new Sony Alpha 7R Mark III

That’s me. Testing the new Sony 7R III. I used to work with Nikon in the analogue times. Then came the switch to digital, where, in the beginnings, it always seemed Canon was a bit ahead of Nikon, so i switched. That was about 13 years ago. Now there’s brands like Sony and Fuji changing the game. Even Olympus seems to be back all of a sudden! And Canon, even more so than Nikon (who just came out with what seems to be great camera, the D850), seem to be sleeping! I was testing the new Sony 7R Mark III for the last couple of days…and i was really impressed! Where the Mark II was still too slow, the battery too small and the menu and buttons too complicated and not adjustable…all that has now been improved in the Mark III. And i love it. And i ordered it. :-) 

Here’s a few shots from running around testing.