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A short trip to Mallorca!

Never been here at this time of the year before! Especially this spot here, a famous one for Deep Water Soloing I’ve been shooting at a few times for various magazines…all empty now! But then I guess…who’d wanna fall in with air temperatures around 10°C plus wind chill anyways? :-)

Fuerteventura for ADAC Travel Magazine!

The ADAC Travel Magazine “Canary Islands” and the story we shot on Fuerteventura is out! Kinda looks like we had fun? We did!!! ;-)





…did we miss anything??? 

…oh and of course the Drone was with us too! ;-)

Check my gallery for more!


The Sport Conrad Winter Catalogue 2017/2018, shot in Iceland and in a barn in Bavaria, is out now! What a trip to beautiful Iceland that was…with too little snow, way too much wind and then even heavy rain in the end! Thanks to my whole amazing team for doing such a great job despite the weather conditions!!! Here’s a little iPhone-made behind-the-scenes-video of that trip. 

Check my gallery for images from that shoot and the Sport Conrad Homepage viewing the whole catalogue!


One of those clients i really loved to shoot for! Loving their products, especially their boxes! Using quite a few of those for my equipment, so i can honestly say i really enjoyed shooting the Ad Campaign for them! ;-)