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Get well soon Jules!!!

This is crazy Freerider Julian Zenzmaier. And he just got severely injured riding a contest in Grenoble, France. He’s still in Coma in the hospital in Grenoble since last Friday, fighting to make it. I’m posting this just to say we’re with you Jules!!! Come on fight tough guy you’ll make it and we’ll soon see you back up there rocking the mountains!!! 

Caution! Slippery!

As you could see on those silly making of pictures earlier in this blog, i was iceskating in Sweden this year for Glamour Magazine. Even though we didn’t have the perfect “black ice” conditions we had when shooting there for the ADAC Travel Magazine a couple of years ago, it was fun anyway! And, for me as a Half-Swede, traveling up there always feels like coming home! So, thank you for taking me there again, Glamour!