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Shred Kids!

Up there on Germany’s highest peak ‘Zugspitze” with the so-called Shred Kids! They’re a bunch of 6-10 year old kids, including my son, meeting up every Friday throughout the season to go ‘shredding’ together. So much fun shooting with those next generation Snowboarders! 

Motion Magazine

The cover we shot for Munich Airport’s Motion Magazine just got published! Thanks guys that was a fun shoot! 😎 And thanks to Michael Fritz for the behind the scenes shots! Can you tell that i like using my smoke machine??? 😂

STIHL Catalogue 2019 Cover

What a great surprise! I wasn’t really involved in the STIHL Catalogue 2019 shooting last year…but still one of our shots from the MS 500i chainsaw campaign made it onto the cover! Pretty cool and unexpected! :-)

…found quite a few other shots from other shoots we did for STIHL inside the catalogue too! ;-) 

LUMEN - Museum of Mountain Photography!

This shot of Marian Hund going big at the Bernina Pass has been selected by the Red Bull Illume Team “as one of the best mountain sports images out of all Image Quests”! Red Bull Illume teamed up with the new LUMEN - Museum of Mountain Photography and created a permanent exhibition with the best mountain sports photographies from all previous Image Quests. Check out the website of the Museum to see what an amazing location the museum is located at, on top of Mount Kronplatz- Plan the Corones (2250m) in the heart of South Tyrolean Mountains and Dolomites! Such an honor to be part of it, thank you Red Bull Illume

SZ Photo Now!

Kitesurfer Marian Hund made it onto the cover of the today published ‘Photo Now!’-issue in the Süddeutsche Zeitung Newspaper! A shot of Snowboarder Benny Deeg got a double page inside the magazine. Always nice when some older shots gain some new fame! ;-)

Hydrogen Cars

Always nice when you get to shoot your commercial work in the places you love the most! And only 15 minutes away from home for a change! :-) In this case the hydrogen cars Toyota Mirai and Hyundai Nexo for ADAC.

…found this up there on the bridge! :-)